End-User License Agreement

1. Introduction

This agreement governs the use of the typeface and its component fonts.

The fonts are not sold, but are licensed to you as an end user. This End User License Agreement (EULA) governs the use of the digital fonts as displayed on the pages of www.anthonypanie.com and/or any Anthony Panie catalogue.

It is entered into between you (hereinafter: the end user) and Anthony Panie. By paying for, downloading, installing and/or using the digital fonts, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of this agreement, the terms of which legally bind you to Anthony Panie and that you have the legal capacity to contract.

If you do not agree to the terms above and below, do not purchase, access, download and/or install or otherwise use the digital font.

This End User License Agreement is customized into 4 (four) different licenses whose rights depend on the device or medium on which the typeface is installed or used.

The basic licenses give you the right to use each Anthony Panie digital font (which runs on Mac OS, Windows or similar) for any purpose: desktop, website (between 0-50K and up to 150K views/per month, depending on the option chosen), app (with 0-50K downloads), ePub (with 0-50K downloads), social media (with 0-50K followers).

This license is valid indefinitely, for the maximum number of users specified in its license invoice.

1.1 Licenses

XS — 1 user (1 device)
S — Up to 5 users (2-5 devices)
M — Up to 10 users (6-10 devices)
L — More than 10 users (11+ devices)

2. General use

Anthony Panie grants you a non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable licence to use the Digital Font, subject to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, for the number of devices or media owned by the User.

Authorised Users may install and use one copy of the Digital Font on the maximum number of devices or media owned by them subject to the specific terms and conditions specified in their Authorised User Licence: see the 4 licence levels (desktop, web, application, ePub and social media) and the specific licence description.

The digital font may not be installed or used on a computer or server that is freely accessible via the Internet or other external network system.

You agree not to distribute or disseminate the Digital Font or any portion thereof through any online service. For any use included in the server use, the appropriate server license must be purchased in addition to this end user license. 

Any font converted to webfont is prohibited and not covered by this licence.

Any digital file, EPS file, illustration, or anything derived from our digital font must be used under the terms of this original license and may not be sublicensed, given away or sold without prior written permission.

Any form of use of the fonts for direct or indirect political or religious communication, defamation or incitement to hatred is prohibited.

Any use of the fonts, or single glyph, in NFT (Non Fungible Token) artworks, or any other type of production related to blockchain technology is prohibited without prior written permission.

Any specific licenses, upgrades can be purchased by contacting Anthony Panie and will be required in such and similar cases, but not limited to:

- If the maximum number of users using the digital font exceeds those set by this agreement as specified in your license invoice.

- If the number of users using the Digital Font is in more than one geographic location.

- If the number of website visitors, app downloads, ePub downloads, social media followers, exceeds that specified in your license level.

- If the font, or a single glyph, is the primary element of a logotype, branding system, monogram, wordmark, trademark, or commercial merchandise (such as apparel, accessories, packaging, etc.), this will result in a custom license based on the scale of distribution or production.

3. Ownership of the digital font

The digital fonts described on the pages of the www.anthonypanie.com website and/or in the Anthony Panie catalogues remain the property of Anthony Panie and are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, whatever the country in which you operate, by copyright laws and the intellectual property code, by other international treaties.

Anthony Panie represents and warrants that it is the sole author, creator, producer and developer of the licensed Font (or has otherwise obtained the necessary rights in respect of the Font to enable the User to use the Fonts in accordance with the licence in this Agreement), and that the Font does not infringe the copyright, trademark or other intellectual or proprietary right of any third party.

4. Rules and restrictions

The end user is allowed to:

- Use the font for personal and commercial work;

- Use the font at a single home or place of business;

-Use the font on a single website up to 50,000 views per month (upgrade and view count options are available);

- Use the font in a single app up to 50,000 downloads, a single ePub up to 50,000 downloads, on social media up to 50,000 followers on all platforms (contact anthony.panie@gmail.com for an upgrade);

- Embed the font in a PDF document and other similar formats.

The end user is not allowed to:

- Use more than your license level (number of users, page views on the website, app and ePub downloads, or followers on social media);

- Sell, copy or redistribute the font;

- Give your clients or collaborators the font files. They must also purchase a license;

- Modify, adapt, disassemble, rename, decompile, extract, alter, merge with other software;

- Convert the font file to another font format;

- Complete the glyphset or create derivative works based on our font, for example by redesigning
(contact Anthony Panie for a custom version);

- Use a single glyph from our font as a logotype or monogram;

- Use the font, or a single glyph, in any NFT (Non Fungible Token) artwork without prior permission.

5. Clients and third-parties

If you purchase your own licence as a graphic design studio, design agency or advertising agency, the end user (your client) must also purchase the corresponding end-user licence for the intended use of the digital font.

If you are purchasing a licence on behalf of your client, your client must accept the corresponding end-user licence for the workstation or media on www.anthonypanie.com prior to any download and installation of the relevant digital fonts. In addition, any project carried out by you as an agency or studio on behalf of your clients requires that you purchase the corresponding licence for your own use, even if it is on behalf of your clients. In all such cases, the relevant new licence(s) or special upgrade(s) must be purchased by contacting Anthony Panie.

The original licence does not extend to uses by temporary employees or independent contractors using the Digital Police Office Licence. Licensed users are not permitted to send documents to third parties with the digital font file as part of the document content. The content of any document sent to a third party must be vectorized or embedded in an image (PNG, JPG, TIFF...) or in a PDF format.

6. Embedding

Embedding of the digital font in electronic documents, applications, digital publications, mobile applications, broadcast content, web pages or devices is permitted only as a subset of the digital font, provided that the document, application or device is distributed in a secure format that allows only viewing and printing, but not editing of the text (read-only).
Any recipient of an electronic document that allows the use of the digital font for editing must belong to the corresponding licensed unit.

7. Server use

The Digital Font may not be installed or used on an internal or external server from which the Digital Font can be freely accessed via the Internet or any other external or internal network system. Any Digital Font must be installed on a secure server in such a way that none of the remote users can access or download the Digital Font file in any way.

8. User’s liability

The end user undertakes to take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorised access to the Digital Font delivered with your End User Licence and to any copy of the Digital Font.

The End-User agrees to instruct its employees or any other person who has access to the Digital Font to comply strictly with the terms and conditions described in this End-User Licence Agreement. This End User Licence Agreement shall automatically terminate if the End User breaches any of the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Notwithstanding the termination of this license, Anthony Panie reserves the express right to assert any other claims (including information, damages, etc.).

This End User License Agreement may only be amended in writing signed by Anthony Panie.

In the event that the End User fails to comply with the terms of this End User Licence Agreement, Anthony Panie reserves the right to immediately terminate this End User Licence Agreement without any financial compensation. In such event, the End User shall return the Digital Fonts, its components and digital data to Anthony Panie and destroy all copies held by it within seven days of the date of termination, thereby prohibiting any further use. At Anthony Panie's request, the End User shall be obliged to provide written confirmation that such destruction has taken place.

9. Warrants

The Digital Font is provided "as is". Anthony Panie makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the digital font rests with you. Anthony Panie does not warrant that the functions contained in the Digital Font will meet your requirements or that they are error-free. Any implied warranty obligation created by law is only valid for a period of thirty days.
You agree that there are no warranties of any kind after the above period.

Anthony Panie cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or sustained by the end user and/or any third party resulting from the misuse of the digital font. Anthony Panie reserves the right to amend or modify this contract at any time and without prior notice, in order to take account of future commercial and technical changes.

For any question, contact Anthony Panie.